Actions included in the project::

A1. Mapping the Posidonia fields

A2. Mapping the Posidonia fields

A3. Survey in order to establish the location of anchoring areas

A4. Preliminary study on the demography of Posidonia field

A5. Wording of a Management Plan

A6. Conservation Plans for L.audouinii and P.aristotelis

C1. Installing anchoring points and signs in the designated anchoring areas

D1. Surveilance of marine reserves

D2. Monitoring and eliminating Caulerpa taxifolia

D3. Managing the regulated anchoring areas

D4. Monitoring the colonies of L.audouinii and P.aristotelis

E1. Developing educational and publicizing material

E2. Distributing the educational and publicizing material

E3. Setting up exhibitions

E4. Organizing a monitoring network

E5. Supplying the Fishermen’s Associations with the necessary material

F1. Coordinating the project

F2. Supervising the regulated anchoring areas

F3. Modelling the demography of Posidonia oceanica fields

F4. Study of sediment dinamics

F5. Modelling the expansion of Caulerpa taxifolia

F6. Tracking and monitoring Caretta caretta

F7. Tracking and monitoring Tursiops truncatus

F8. Locating and monitoring P.aristotelis and L.audouinii