Action F2. Supervision of the regulated anchoring areas.
Partner: Direcció general de Qualitat ambiental i litoral

The General Coastline Directorate coordinates the surveillance groups in the regulated anchoring areas and is in charge of replacing deteriorated material as needed while it is also in charge of carrying out tasks related to Action C.1.

Development and Planning:
The action has been implemented by personnel specifically hired to coordinate and verify the functioning of the anchoring areas throughout the installation of the same, checking that no alterations to the planned location of anchoring points have occurred, and that there have been no structural faults that would have required re-positioning of the anchoring points.
Staff pertaining to the Local Ministry of the Environment were responsible for the actual selection of job applicants and in charge of following up to ensure the tasks were correctly carried out throughout the project and continue to be correctly done after the project proper has ended.
All anchoring points have been and continue to be periodically checked to ensure they are functioning correctly. As the installation of the same is relatively new, no maintenance difficulties have as yet turned up.