Action E5. To provide the Fishermen’s Associations with diverse material
Partner: Direcció general de Pesca.

To provide fishermen’s associations situated near de reserve areas ( a total of about 10) with the most essential office material (computers, software, fax, modems, etc.) in order for them to be able to carry out the clerical / paper work required for them to fish in the reserves (obtaining licenses, declaring amount of capture in the reserves, etc.) and also to involve them in the management of the reserve areas and inform them on those aspects that could cause the most mistrust or reticence (obligation to request a license, diving areas, licensing for sport fishing, etc.).

This action was not implemented exactly as it had been initially previewed. The fishermen associations’ access to other European funding possibilities had already made it possible for them to increase and improve their office material (computers, faxes, etc.). For this reason the General Directorate of Fishing (DGP) considered it best to use the previewed funds from this action in order to help the associations in other matters without excluding the original aim which was to modernize the associations in terms of access to, and use of, technology. With this aim in mind the DGP developed a complementary computer software system to enhance the way in which information on captures was transmitted and it installed this system—the “Sistema Global de Agricultura y Pesca” (the Global Agriculture and Fishing System)-- in all the fishermen’s associations. Thanks to this system it is easier to distinguish which captures are done within the reserve. It is also easier and faster to make said declaration and to compute the declarations.

Action E.5 has been satisfactorily implemented throughout the project and at present a total of 16 Fishermen’s Associations working near or in the Balearic Marine Reserves have benefited from it. Although this action was not carried out as had originally been previewed, the essence of its aim has been fulfilled as the main goal, which was to instantaneously collect and be able to have access to the data in terms of real-time, has been achieved.