Action E2. Distribution of educational material.
Partner: Direcció general de Biodiversitat.

- To distribute the educational / informative material (Action E1) amongst target public:
• School children
• Professional and Recreational Fishermen
• Seafarers
• Snorklers and Scuba-divers
• Public Administration

Detailed implementation of the action:

- A specialized company was hired in order to ensure the most effective distribution which was done as follows:

• School children: comic book , general brochure, video, poster
• Professional and recreational fishermen: general brochure, video, poster
• Seafarers: general brochure, video, poster
• Divers: general brochure, video, poster
• Administrations: general brochure, video, poster

The number of school children in the Balearic Islands includes those attending both public and private schools at the three stages: primary, secondary and high school ( “A” levels). According to the latest statistics, divided as follows:

Primary: 57,101 students
Secondary: 40,086 students
High School: 11,153 students

As the material was distributed to all educational centres, we can consider that about 108,340 students have had direct access to it.

Further to this, the brochures, posters and comic book were also present at the four-day 2nd Ecological Fair (“II Feria Ecológica), held in 2005. The video was continuously played throughout the duration of the Fair
The video has also been included in the “Guía de recursos de educación ambiental” (Guide on Educational Material on the Environment), at all schools , libraries and other administrations.
The CD-ROM was distributed to the Educational Exhibition Centres situated at protected natural spaces in the Balearic Islands. Most of the copies, however, were sent to the Aula del Mar (Sea School) dependent on the General Directorate of Hunting, Protection of the Species and Environmental Education.

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