Action E1. Development of material for the education of the general public..
Partners: Direcció General de Caça, Protecció d'Espècies i Educació Ambiental. Direcció General de Pesca i Direcció General de Biodiversitat

To develop the following material:

- A comic book for children.
- A brochure for the general public.
- A brochure for yacht skippers.
- A publication explaining the management of anchoring points.
- Poster
- Web page
-Betacam quality video.

The aim was to develop and publish diverse material to inform and educate the general public on this matter, so that people can understand the role of Posidonia oceanica and its importance in terms of habitat, conservation of the population of various commercial species, and its role in the process of sand production. Another included aim was to raise awareness of the existing conservation problems, and the planned actions in SCI areas of the Balearic in relation to the species of Caretta caretta and Tursiops truncatus—which are included in annexe II of the Habitats Directive.
Publicizing the importance of this habitat as well as the factors that threaten it is vital in order to ensure the success of surveillance tasks and regulations for the recreational use of the sea along the coastline. A positive attitude on the part of the public and of fishing professionals towards measures that may affect them will be a great help towards ensuring that these conservation goals are achieved.

A publicising strategy was designed in which the following were identified as special targets to be reached: fishermen, snorklers and scuba-divers, users of recreational vessels and seafarers in general.
This was put into action conjunctly by the General Directorates of Hunting, Protection of the Species and Environmental Education, Biodiversity and Fishing.
The first two official organizations developed and supervised the contents of all the previewed material and were in charge of subcontracting the tasks. The General Directorate of Fishing developed and supervised the contents on fishing and its norms and regulations. The result of the work of the various directorates was the publishing of the following material:

1. Publication aimed at children: 11,950 copies.
2. Publication aimed at the general public: 2,000 copies.
3. Brochure aimed at yacht skippers: 60,000 copies.
4. Publication explaining the management of anchoring points: 9,000 copies.
5. Poster 6,000 copies.
6. CD Rom 2,000 copies.
7. Betacam quality video, SP or above, 1,000 copies VHS.
8. Web page.

Achieved aims:

1. Publication for children:
The material was co-published together with Amics de la Terra Balears del “Tresor de Posidó” (The Posidonia Treasure)-- 4,100 copies, which were distributed through educational centres, associations, the general public and exhibitions.

The comic book cover

Publishing date and distribution: First edition (4,100 copies) in Catalan in November 2003. Second edition (4,250 copies) in Catalan in October 2004. In June 2005 there was a third edition of 3,600 copies in Spanish.

2. Publication for the general public:
The publication included a general description of Posidonia, its principal values, associated ecosystem, traditional uses, potential factors threatening its habitat and corrective measures. It is illustrated with images taken from the different exhibitions.

Publishing date and distribution: 2,000 copies were published during the last quarter of 2005.

3. Brochure for yacht skippers:
A brochure was published for yacht skippers and other users of marinas and yacht clubs, containing the following:
- Brief introduction to the LIFE Posidonia project and justification of the same (what it entails, aims and scope).
- Brief description of the natural value of the communities of Posidonia.
- Factors which threaten the Posidonia fields.
- Code of good Practise.
- Where to find further information and how to contact : phone, web page, etc.
Publishing date and distribution: 30,000 copies ( 20,000 in Catalan and Spanish and 10,000 in English and German) in June 2004. In the third quarter of 2005, another 30,000 copies ( 15,000 in Catalan and Spanish and 15,000 in English and German).

4.Publication explaining the management of the anchoring points:
In order to publicize how the regulated anchoring points are actually managed in terms of the characteristics and norms of the same, a brochure aimed at yacht skippers and the general public was published.
Said brochure was not initially previewed in the project but was finally included because it was considered to be of value as an aid that would back up and support the daily task of managing the regulated anchoring points.
Included in the contents of the brochure are: the characteristics of the anchoring points, types of buoys, zoning of the chains of anchoring points, norms of use and list of contacts—phone, web page, etc.
The General Directorate of Hunting, Protection of the Species and Environmental Education were in charge of revising the contents and design of the brochure, whereas the actual publishing was cone by the General Directorate for Environmental Quality and the Coastline.
Published : 2006

Example of some of the published brochures.

2,000 copies were published in Catalan and Spanish plus 1,000 copies in English and German, for each island, containing information relative to each of the regulated anchoring areas. These were distributed by the guards working at each area and among users of the same together with information on the project.

5. Posters :

  • Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

6. CD – ROM:
The CD ROM contains the following:
- Biology and ecology of Posidonia oceanica.
- The fields of Posidonia as a habitat.
- Importance of Posidonia fields for the ecosystem of the coastline.
- The LIFE Posidonia project.
- Measures taken to protect the Posidonia fields.
The CD was distributed to the “Centros de Interpretación” ( Exhibition installations for educational purposes where all sorts of information is available to the public), situated at the various protected natural spaces round the Balearic Islands. Most copies, however, were given to the Aula del Mar (Sea School) pertaining to the General Directorate of Hunting , Protection of Species and Environmental Education.

Look it up. (60 MB)

7. Web page.
You are currently reading it.
It is functioning and it is regularly updated with incoming data from the various actions taken , as soon as said information is ready to be broadcast on the net.
Details on the number of web page visits per year are as follows:
Year 2004*: 38,644
Year 2005 : 96,443
Year 2006: 111,775
Year 2007: 9,524**
* Data is as from May 2004
** Data available is from only January 2007

8. Betacam quality video, SP or above:
An adaptation was made of contents and images taken from the video: “La Posidonia. Els Boscos Marins de Posidó”, filmed by the Conselleria de Agricultura y Pesca (local Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing).
At the same time an image bank was compiled by regularly filming the same tract of a Posidonia field (previously selected at the SCI area Marine Reserve of Cap Enderrocat). The images were filmed in different seasons of the year. These images are used for teaching at the Aula del Mar (Sea School).
In this way a video titled “LA POSIDONIA projecte life” was produced and is used in local schools round the islands.

Front and back cover of the video

Filmed: December 2005.

The aims of the project have in general been satisfactorily fulfilled.